Creative Muslim Digital Agency

We are ready to collaborate with different brands from around the world as long as it does not conflict with Islamic law. We limit our work from elements that are prohibited by sharia, such as: the use of symbols of shirk, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, pornography and sexuality, LGBT and everything related to it.

"Run Digital Marketing Without Violating Shari'a, 100% of Social Media Design & Management Matters We Take Care of"

Our service

Social Media Management & Website Development

We will help you run your digital marketing business without having to violate Shari’a such as using symbols of polytheism, LGBT, forbidden food/drinks, designs that reveal genitals, etc.

Paket Reguler Admin Medsos
2,000,000 IDR

1,500,000 IDR

Paket Premium Admin Medsos
3,000,000 IDR

2,500,000 IDR

Paket Pembuatan Iklan
2,500,000 IDR

2,000,000 IDR

Website Development
3,500,000 IDR

Rp 3,000,000 IDR


“Knowledge before saying & doing”. Learn together so we can apply business practices that don’t violate Shari’a.


Share content that educates, entertains or helps solve audience problems.


Maximizing content so that it not only helps generate income in the world but also in the hereafter.

We are ready to help Muslim businessmen

Promote Business Without Violating Shari'a, Manage Our Social Media Design & Management Affairs

The benefits you will get

Why Choose Us?

We will help your business continue to exist on Instagram & TikTok while maintaining to avoid violating the Shari’a such as using pirated apps, content symbolizing polytheism or exposing genitalia, etc.

Using Legal Apps

The application that we use to create content is an official application

Content That Does Not Violate Shari'a

In designing, we always avoid using content that violates Shari'a, such as symbols of shirk, indulging in nakedness, etc.

Sharing & Specail Groups

We provide sharing & special group sessions to help your business grow.

Success Stories

Building Useful Content

33 Ratings
Google Reviews
Testimoni Kontenpreneur
Peningkatan kapasitas desain selama 3 hari dengan narasumber mas radinal, menggunakan aplikasi canva menurut saya :
1. Materi yang dibawakan sangat lengkap
2. Pembelajaran atraktif dan mudah dimengerti
3. Praktek canva yg dipantau langsung hingga bisa pokonya kalau dalam pengelolaan canva mas Radinal bisa diandalkan ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
Fitto Mufid
Testimoni Kontenpreneur
Trainernya sangat ahli tentang cara membuat conten creative via Canva, Penyampaian materi sangat mudah di mengerti walaupun bagi pemula seperti saya, karena trainer mempratikkan langsung cara membuat conten via canva dan fungsi tool di aplikasi canva.
Badratul Napis
Testimoni Kontenpreneur
Very Nice, On time, Pembawaan yang santai,menarik. Penjelasannya juga detail dan mudah dipahami terutama bagi para pemula design user Canva. Satu kata buat Pemateri; "PERFECT". Jazakumullah khairaan sudah mengisi dalam webinar LDK kami, sangat bermanfaat dan membantu sekali. Semoga bisa kerjasama dilain waktu lagi nantinya. Nice ๐Ÿ‘
Testimoni Kontenpreneur
Alhamdulillah bisa dapat pengetahun dari segi desain. Penjelasan yang diberikan juga disampaikan dengan jelas sehingga memberikan banyak manfaat
Chintya Eka Putri
Are there any questions?


A list of the most frequently asked questions to the KontenPreneur Team

Whoever you are can use the services of ContentPreneur on the condition that the business you are running is halal & does not ask for content that violates the Shari’a.

After the discussion process, we will start working on content planning and design according to the data you fill in the form. we will always communicate until we get the desired result.

All you have to do is complete the payment according to the package registered & send your business details, logo, photo or video of your product or service.

  • Tips & Education content
  • Information about products/service
  • Quotes/Motivation
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Interactions/questions
  • Testimonials
  • Location
  • F.A.Q about products/services
  • Giveaways/promos
  • Client requests..